Thought you may want a picture of this buck my son shot at 25 yards the day after we set it up.  

Great blinds it all we use on the new place!

- Scott Leming / Oklahoma


This bull was the first of two bulls that were shot by Phil Orf and myself last week in Colorado!

The blinds worked awesome! They have plenty of room, versatile and comfortable.

I was sitting in the blind with my boots off relaxing when I shot this 5x5.

Thanks for a great product and even greater customer service!

- Michael DeShazo / Missouri

I purchased 2 6-Shooters and I killed a buck out of each one of them.  The blinds are great, I spent a lot of hrs in both and really had fun.

It's nice to stay in the woods when the weather is lousy. Thanks again and best of luck.

- Mick Jones / New York

Great blind! I'm sitting in it right now and I literally have deer right next to me. Super easy to set up and very comfortable to hunt from.

The best part of the maverick 6 shooter might be the door. I'm a XXL kind of guy (6'3" & 275#) and this is the first blind I didn't make a lot of noise getting in. Great product!

- Jimmie Osborne / Central Texas

Kenneth Tallent and Maverick BilndsKenneth Tallent and Maverick BilndsKenneth Tallent and Maverick BilndsKenneth Tallent and Maverick BilndsKenneth Tallent and Maverick BilndsKenneth Tallent and Maverick BilndsKenneth Tallent - Double Lung OutdoorsKenneth Tallent - Double Lung OutdoorsKenneth Tallent - Double Lung OutdoorsKenneth Tallent - Double Lung OutdoorsKenneth Tallent - Double Lung Outdoors

My name is Kenneth Tallent and I have bought many deer blinds from Maverick Blinds and they are some of the best that I have ever purchased. I have them setup and brushed in throughout Texas up to Kansas and they work great, the deer literally walk about 5 steps from the deer blind! The quality of construction and durability are second to none and are equal to a high-end deer blind.....but only at a 1/5 of the price. I highly recommend Maverick Blinds and can't wait to use it again on my next hunt!

- Kenneth Tallent / Circle T Bowhunting Ranch & host of "Double Lung TV"

Just received my two blinds and wanted to comment on how pleased I am. These blinds were designed very efficiently and I have finished putting window gaskets in one blind and will set up on a platform this week. Looking forward to begin hunting in them in the fall. Thanks for your great design and prompt delivery. I will be purchasing a couple of blinds each month and putting them together until I have six in total.
Thanks Again!

- Mike Deodati / San Antonio, TX

Maverick Blinds - Wheelers WhitetailsMaverick Blinds - Wheelers WhitetailsMaverick Blinds - Wheelers WhitetailsMaverick Blinds - Wheelers WhitetailsMaverick Blinds - Wheelers WhitetailsMaverick Blinds - Wheelers Whitetails

I would like to thank you all for coming up with a great blind. With the 2-piece design it makes it easy to set up and transport to the hunting locations and I can leave it out year round. It's also great that I know I'm not going to get wet in, not have the roof slam down and hit me in the head and best of all I can paint the blind time after time making it blend in with any background. If you have kids let them help paint it and help you put the Maverick blind out in the woods or wherever your going to hunt, they feel like they have just became part of the hunt!!!

- Mike Wheeler / Wheeler's Whitetails

Maverick Blinds - David LuskMaverick Blinds - David LuskMaverick Blinds - David LuskMaverick Blinds - David LuskMaverick Blinds - David Lusk







Maverick Blinds are the best blinds I've ever used for outfitting.

Killed out of our blind last night, 35 yard shot, 3 big bucks in one week out of Maverick Blinds!

- David Lusk / Southern Ohio Outfitters

My name is Caleb Gillespie and I recently harvested a big deer in Kansas people are referring to as "The Gillespie Buck" however I nicknamed him the "Heartbreaker".

Caleb Gillespe - Big Buck scored with Maverick BlindThe deer should be a contender for the new State Record here in Kansas for a Muzzleloader I hope. I wanted to take a few moments and tell you how much your blind helped me with my hunt.

The overall design leads to quiet performance and the ability to harvest an animal with any weapon. I placed the blind in the woods where I had seen the deer and was worried it might cause him to change his ways. The blind is so neutral with its surrounding the deer never noticed a difference. The all continued to walk by it and around it with little to no concern.

I needed the blind to do its job so I could do mine and that is exactly what happened. When the deer of my dreams walked out at 20 yards he never even looked my way. My weapon was not in my hand but it gave me time to grab it and get it into position to make the shot without ever being detected.

Thanks again for producing an amazing product and I look forward to killing more big deer in the future with you as a partner. Thanks Maverick Blinds!!!

- Caleb Gillespie

Bear Archery

"A couple of very happy customers!!!"

- Ernie Jr and Sr / Bear Archery Whitetail Fix

Bear Archery


Maverick Blinds - Nick SchneiderMaverick Blinds,
Thanks for designing such a bow friendly design. I was unsure how much room I would have to shoot out of i at first with my bow. I was shocked to learn that the only limitations with this blind is the hunter. I harvested a state record contender in the typical archery class for Kansas this year and couldn't have done it without you. I can't thank you enough!

- Nick Schneider

Maverick Blinds - Ryan WardenAs an Outfitter in Central Kansas I feel it is vital to our success to use Maverick Blinds.

We have some elevated and some simply sitting on the ground.

The blinds are great for any weather and are the key in bad weather.

Its no secret that time on stand increases your odds of killing a giant, and no matter the weather my hunters can still hunt comfortably. My bow hunters and Rifle hunters love them.

My business depends on my hunters success! My business depends on Maverick Blinds! Thanks again.

- Ryan Warden / Misty Morning Outfitters LLC


My name is Brett Carden, the owner of Western Oklahoma Trophy Outfitters. We put every product that we ever use through a tougher test than most hunters ever do. The lightweight but rigid build of Maverick Blinds allow us to carry them in to the most remote, roughest terrain and they have held up. We have had ours knocked down from towers and bluffs due to extreme winds and they still did not lose shape or have any structural damage. We use Maverick Blinds not only because of the great functionality of the blinds, but also because they are the toughest blinds we have come across. We use them every day of the season, and they do not ever fail us.

- Brett Carden / Western Oklahome Trophy Outfitters


This fall was one of the coldest deer rifle seasons we have had in South Dakota in quite some time. The first 4 days of the season averaged a high temp of -2 below zero. If we did not have these blinds set up, the season would have been very uncomfortable. We were able to utilize the Maverick blinds with heaters inside and stayed very warm. As a result we killed 3 very nice whitetails in 2 different blinds. The deer walked to within 120 yards of the blinds and never looked at them twice. As an outfitter, I am very satisfied with the quality and convenience of hunting from these blinds. They are very quiet and the windows work well. They were very easy to put together and have held up very nicely in the high South Dakota winds. I will definitely continue to add more of these blinds to my inventory.

Thanks again Chad!

- Pat West / Dakota Ranch Outfitters


We are converting all of our ground blinds to Maverick Blinds at the Bowranch in Uvalde County, Texas. Our hunters have used them successfully for Whitetail Deer and Aoudad hunts. We do not have to take them down so they become part of the terrain and the wildlife gets used to walking next to them. They are also comfortable and hunters are protected from the elements during weather changes.

- Tony Arce / Bowranch


For the money, you can't beat these blinds.

- Mark / HC Outfitters


I just completed my stand for my new Maverick 6- shooter . I am 100 % bowhunter ,and this blind is a knock out! I love it ! This blind was designed beautifully. My buddies are amazed ,and will be purchasing some Maverick blinds in the near future. Thanks for a great product !!

- Brad Meyer / Hastings, MN


In 2013 we bought two of your 5 shooter blinds, from Sportsman Guide. This is the best hunting purchase we have ever made. These blinds are simple to put together, they are Fantastic.
We couldn't ask for anything better. We placed the blinds on 1/2 inch marine plywood, then made runners for them, use tractor to move the blinds to different areas around the farm. Will be buying a few more of these in the future.

- Rick Lentz & Lester Greene, Thornfield, MO